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Sufferings of women in P. Sivakamis The Taming of Women
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Sanjay Kumar and Dr. Neeraj Kumar


The tolerance of women in society is inexpressible. P. Sivakami has adopted writing as the medium of expression. Her writing proved to be a way of acquiring empathy worldwide. Women have undergone torture and humiliation throughout their life right from childhood. Sexual and verbal abuses are rampant, and explaining the sufferings of women is very challenging. Women take oppression silently. The reason is the unawareness of women about their rights. The present article reflects the trials and tribulations of the Dalit women in the patriarchal society. Besides, it shows the harsh realities prevailing in Indian society in which the women have been caught in the clutches of men and have become victims and accepted their unchangeable fate. In The Taming of Women, Sivakami portrays the real sufferings of women at the hands of men in the marginalised community.


Keywords: oppression, society, trauma, family, gender, sexploitation.

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