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Sustainable Management of Mango Trees for Better Quality
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Vidyasagar Chandrasene koli, M Tech BSC Chemistry ABM DBM (Farmer)


Optimum supply of macro and micronutrients is of critical importance in improving the yield and quality of horticultural crops. Alike, the quality and yield of mango plants significantly increase by balanced application and uptake of macro and micronutrients. However, soil type and characteristics are important factors that directly influence the bio-availability of these nutrients to the plants. In addition, variability in climate has an impact on mango yield in the current scenario. Many scientists have found that mango cultivation in saline soils is a major obstacle to achieving the desired yield and improving quality. Overdose of fertilization is the major factor for the development of saline soils; furthermore, rise in climate temperatures is also a major factor. Therefore, to overcome this problem, nutrient management and the use of balanced fertilizer are the important factors to be controlled. Thus, this review focuses on the performance and importance of essential macro and micronutrients to improve the yield and quality of mango fruits. To understand the effective use of macro and micronutrients, the positive and negative impacts of the nutrients are explained. It is suggested that analyzing the soil, mango fruits, and mango plant leaves for their nutrient status can be useful to formulate fertilization strategies for higher fruit production and quality. Research and development, along with agricultural extension, should focus more on introducing genetically effective mango varieties to improve nutrient and water utilization efficiency.

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