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Dr S Lakshmi, Dr E Saranya Devi and Mrs R.Vasuki


Entrepreneurs are those who launch a business based on a concept or technological advancement without the support of others. Whatever happens, whether it's a challenge or an accomplishment, belongs entirely to them since they're gambling everything on their pursuit of profit. They are all successful entrepreneurs that made it on their own. They are able to run several businesses and create a sizable number of jobs. A powerful entrepreneur has the power to influence a nation's economy. Everything begins with a modest start-up and a tiny amount of savings, but it has the potential to affect an entire nation. In the Government of India is providing the wonderful opportunity to the youngsters to experienced business magnets. These entrepreneurs are highly needed the calibration technology in their manufacturing and production units. Hence, the Government has launched the MSME-Technology Centres that have been formed nationwide as autonomous bodies under the Societies Registration Act by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), which supports micro, small and medium-sized businesses with technology and skilled labour. A large number of them were founded through bilateral partnerships with the governments of Germany, Denmark, and UNIDO/UNDP. Prior to then, these were called tool rooms and technology development centres. There were 18 Technology Centres available in our India (TCs). From the 18 Technology centres, ten centres were considered as Tool Rooms, This Tool Rooms are dedicated to creating and producing high-quality tools, dies, and moulds to help MSMEs compete more effectively in domestic and international markets. This study highlights about the calibration and measurement system at MSME industries in India. The study was analysed by the secondary data with past five years reports of the MSME.

Keywords: Entrepreneurs, Calibration, MSME-Technology Centre, Measurement System, Tool Rooms, Electronic System Design and Manufacturing-ESDM

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