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Sowmmiya S and Kalpana M


The SS24 Children's Wear Collection, titled "Whimsical Dreams," is a design collection where inspiration is drawn from whimsical dreams which is an enchanting exploration into the world of imaginative and vibrant designs that celebrate the essence of childhood. This collection is a testament to the belief that fashion is inclusive and as creative as a imaginative dreams. Drawing inspiration from the boundless creativity and curiosity of children, "Whimsical Dreams" is characterized by its playful motifs, lively colors, and innovative design elements and also Drawing inspiration from fairy tales and playful fantasies, each garment is a canvas of vibrant colors, delicate fabrics, and intricate detailing."Whimsical Dreams" isn't just clothing; it's an enchanting journey that celebrates the wonderment and innocence of childhood, turning ordinary moments into magical memories. By these concept new graphical designs, New garment styles are created and made its as a collection to enhance the production of childrens wear. From this creative garments the children’s are more likely to get attracted and hence the production rate can be increased which is beneficial to the industry at that particular market level and also By creating Feasible digital platform it will be easy for the customers( their Parents) to purchase it from.

Key Words: Design, Inspiration, Digital platform,  Sustainability,.


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