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This study focused on the Attitude of Young Professionals in the work place balance. It sought to answer and present the attitude of the Young Professionals as well as their personal life. The study was conducted in Cabanatuan City and the respondents were the 75 Young Professionals working or from five leading banks in the city. This study used Descriptive method of research because this type of methods describes the nature of phenomenon under investigation after a survey of current trends, practices and condition that relate to that phenomenon. The study found out that Young Professionals are innovative and they are actively participating in decision making if asked they are also respectful to their superior. In terms of personal life, Young Professionals are notable for their commitment to friends, family and hobbies, even at the expense of face time at work. It is concluded that, the respondents are committed to their present work however they are not happy or satisfied to their present job, they are vulnerable to the situation in their work place and tend to become participative in some discussion, value respect and they are obedient to the authority and they are productive in their work as they assure the balance of their health, physical and emotional condition to their work. It is recommend that  the employer or manager should  Develop a Mentorship or Coaching Program because  Young Professionals has no thinking to stay longer in their present work, they  should  be  treated  fairly and respectfully, to form positive connections with colleagues and feel proud of what they do and its impact on the world. Encourage them to join teams and provide a work environment that stresses teamwork. They are used to working in groups and teams. And for the  Young Professionals, they should embrace collaboration or team work.

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